This is a hand-drawn pieece made for Copic Award 2019.
There was no specific theme so I drew what I had had in mind for a while, a picture inspired by a moment in a small Spanish town I had visited with my daughter a couple years before (you can read the story below). I planned this work as a metaphor of being exposed to this challenging world, taking a path that lies in front of you and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel no matter where you find yourself at the moment. 

I made it as a three-dimensional object, a tunnel book, to emphasize the depth and one-point perspective and challenge myself in this kind of craft.
Drawn with Copic markers only, plus a grey ink liner for outlines.
Size: L240 x W120 x H297 mm.
While on vacation in sunny Spain with my daughter we spent a day in a small neighbouring town of Calp and when we walked, totally exhausted but full of wonderful impressions, towards the bus station to get back to the city we stayed in, I turned back and got struck by the wayside trees forming quite a fairytale picture (if you are imaginative enough to pretend there is nothing outside this deserted lane and those trees are like guardians which would not let you turn off this path). I asked my daughter to step in the frame, as I fancied it, and took a photo as a memento, it can be found below in the collage with inspiration and WiP. 

Afterwards, the more I looked at that image the more impacted I got with the disturbing idea of a person, especially a little one, being alone and exposed to this overwhelming world just like the girl in that fantasy forest. And on the other hand, it is a picture of the world exploration and overcoming obstacles.
A gap in the foliage shaped like a running corgi as a kind of an Eastern egg. It looks more like a mini pig after colouring, so in disguise. 😜 
P. S. By the way, that Calp town was the location of my other creative project, my daughter and I made a photoshoot with her cosplaying the main character of The Monument Valley game in Ricardo Bofill's terrific building named La Muralla Roja, see it here.

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